Kemanten Jawa

Telling the story of a Javanese wedding, this particular painting expresses a total joy. Looking at the painting, one can almost hear the cheers, feel the festive mood, and get swept away by all the celebrations.

In a Javanese wedding, there are so many rules that symbolize the promises that are made during this festive ceremony.

The pair of bulls on the left represent the promise between the couple to always serve one another. The rooster on the right side of the painting is usually made from the bride’s dresses given by the groom. The dresses are made into a rooster to symbolize the promise from the groom (represented by the rooster) to always supply for his wife’s needs. Behind the rooster is a big tray of food carried by the entourage of the bride and groom.

This parade is guarded by a band of Javanese percussions and a team of Pencak Silat warriors playing a snake a dragon dance (similar to the Chinese’s Lion Dance).

This sacred union between a man and wife is a gift from God to human beings. This whole procession has made God happy, JJ showed this by painting a group of angels flying above this joyous procession.

Looking closely at the painting, we can see JJ’s cameo as the groom himself.

This painting is more than just a story. It is a promise that JJ has made to his beloved wife to always fight for a life happily ever after with her. For JJ, this promise is a responsibility, a holy task given by God when He brings love into JJ’s life.