The Chaos

Greed is controlling the world.

The truth and wisdom is becoming a vague concept.

People are deserting their conscience and trading them for pride and blind self esteem.

The damage is happening and progressing fast.

The world is in a destructive chaos. More destructive than ever before.

The people are screaming in agony. Praying in tears for a better world.

The world needs to remember the good culture set by the examples of their ancestors.

The culture of love, tolerance, and mutual respect.

Two dragons came toward the Mountain Of Peace and try to guard its gates of culture, symbolizing the need of this world to remember the goodness of tradition and not abandoning all of them in the name of modernity.

This painting is a protest by JJ toward the society. The society that discarded all the beauty of the great traditions and culture by their ancestor. The traditions that uphold peace, love, and tolerance.

This painting is a strong reminder, an admonishment toward the younger generation. A call, for all to protect and cherish their cultures and traditions. The exact cultures and traditions that made us a great nation we are.